And here it is, Surfleet church.
If I didn’t know better I would have
thought that I was in northern Italy -
when you get to it, look at the
perpendiculars. I think that you will
find that the main body of the church
is several degrees out of alignment
with the spire - one of the problems
of building on fen soil, I guess!

Both of the above pictures are ‘looking back’ as ‘twere. The one on the left is the ‘Leaning spire of Surfleet’, the right, just a little while on with Surfleet still lingering in the distance. I found that at certain times of the day, on this first part of the walk, the sun was too oppressive to take pictures directly into the West and more attractive images were obtainable by turning round.

This is ‘The Ship Inn’, my first watering-hole. The Macmillan Way actually passes directly to the left of this building. I had been doing a steady trot and the respite was extremely welcoming! My meal, served in a very comfortable environment cost just £5.75, and worth every penny. The ‘Ship’ has my complete recommendation!