Macmillan Cancer Relief

The Macrnillan Way is dedicated to the memory of’Douglas Macmillan, MBE, who founded the organisation now known as Macmillan Cancer Relief in 1911, following the death of his father from cancer.
Douglas Macmillan believed that by improving the knowledge of cancer among the public and health professionals, the needs of people with cancer would be better understood and their quality of life improved. His forward-looking vision still underpins the charity’s work.
Macmillan Cancer Relief supports people living with cancer throughout the UK. The charity’s aim is to help people from the moment they first hear that they have cancer, and to ensure that they get the best possible information, treatment and care.
There are now more than 1,800 Macmillan nurses and 200 doctors, working in hospitals and in the community. As well as supporting patients directly, they work closely with other health professionals. sharing their specialist knowledge and skills, to help improve standards of treatment and care for everyone with cancer. producing The Cancer Guide and other literature, and through its Information Line. You can find out more about the services Macmillan provides hy calling the Information Line on 0845 601 6161.
We hope that the Macmillan Way will help to raise awareness of Macmillan Cancer Relief, and to continue to raise money to fluid Macmillan’s much-needed services for people with cancer. Two in five people in the UK will get cancer at some stage in their life, so directly or indirectly it affects us all. With your support. Macmillan can help people living with cancer.
Douglas Macmillan grew up in Castle Cary and used to walk to school in Bruton. Almost certainly along paths that now form part of the Macinillan Way. We hope that you too will enjoy walking at least some of it.

The Macmillan Way is dedicated to the memory of Douglas Macmillan MBE, whose clan motto is, most appropriately,

‘I learn to succour the distressed’