About the Boston - Abbotsbury Link

Introducing the Macmillan Way

This 290-mile Coast-to-Coast Long Distance Path has been developed to increase public awareness of Macmillan Cancer Relief, whose role is to improve the lives of people with cancer and their families.
The Macmillan Way follows existing footpaths, bridle ways and byways, and small stretches of minor roads. At times it shares its route with short lengths of a number of Regional Paths, such as the Leicestershire Round, Northamptonshire’s Jurassic Way, Warwickshire’s Centenary Way and South Somerset’s Leyland Trail.

Farmland is punctuated by great woodlands and secret, sunken paths overhung with trees. There are plenty of rivers, pools, ponds and streams. All forms of flora and fauna can be encountered as the ever-changing countryside unfolds slowly before the eyes.

Essentially, this web-site has been produced in two distinct parts:
The first deals with my own experience of walking the Macmillan way, in April 2003. It is not meant to be taken too seriously - a light-hearted romp through the English countryside with a digital camera! Virtually all the images were taken ‘en route’, and the adventurous are encouraged to download them, ticking off the locations as they breeze by.

In this age of the Smartphone, you could have a go at following my route on your internet enabled device, taking present-day pictures..
e-mail your results to me and I'll post 'THEN & NOW' images on this site.

The second part is intended to guide any would-be traveller, through all the preparations and necessities, whether as a ‘through-walker’, or more likely, a stage-by-stage participant.

The Macmillan Way Guide
Indispensable! Do not even consider putting on your boots until you have this tidy tome tucked away. You can forget maps, compasses or even global positioning devices! This is an absolute necessity. Not only is it a precise guide for your feet, but it also if full of fascinating information relating to the places and people that you will visit. Obtainable from retail outlets, or directly from The Macmillan Way Association, all profits from its sale go directly to Cancer Relief.