You start to ascend after leaving Maiden Newton, and it’s a gradual affair, passing through the small hamlet of Cruxton, moving up towards Notten Hill Barn. You still climb until falling down towards Compton Valence. Compton Valence church is seen below.

I took several other photographs at this point, but they were eradicated when I started toying with the controls of my digital camera. Still, nothing much was missed - some were of dead lambs that had perished the night before. I had reached them early, before the shepherd had appeared. In a way, it’s for the best that they were not recorded.

This is a further image from the descent before the incredibly arduous rise to the ‘cliff edge’ fronting Abbotsbury.

Here, on the right, there can be seen what looks like a stately pile from the distance. As you get closer you realise that it is a rather gaudy modern interpretation of ostentatiousness. In short, a crass attempt at replicating the endeavours of the past.


Left, what is known as a ‘boggy area’, fortunately, it was quite dry when I passed through, but I pity those individuals who attempt this during a ‘wet season’.