Leaving Cattistock. The first image is looking back at the church, now with a more benign vista. The second is approaching the dinky hamlet of Chilfrome. The third is a typical stile, but this one is shortly before we say ‘bye-bye’ to the Ridgeway Long Distance path.

Well, probably one of the most confusing parts of the Macmillan Way if you happen to be following an older edition of the guide. The entrance to Maiden Newton. You see, when the guide was written, the footbridge on the left existed. Fine. But the mess in front of the church and the building work on the right certainly did not. What you have to do is use your ‘nowse’. It’s a northern expression. Don’t be put off by the building in progress, but make your way to the village. If, like me, you make your way to the ‘Chalk and Cheese Inn’, then you will be more than happy. That’s where I stayed my last night.


The Chalk and Cheese, where Shaun and Helen Yates provide a welcoming break for the dusty traveller.

And then on the road once more, past the Frome River bridge.