South Cadbury church, replete with early spring, wild flowers. A little further on, the 18-acre Castle Cadbury Iron Age fort, (possibly a source of the ‘Camelot’ legend; and then the view from Cornton Ridge, looking westwards across the immense Yeo Valley. Despite fairly clement weather, the wind had a veritable howl around my fragile, faltering frame!

Oh, this place was incredible - the stuff of lottery dreams. The Manor at Sandford Orcas. If I were to direct an historic piece of medieval imagery, then it would be here. Perhaps my mind was still buzzing from the Corton Ridge experience, but when I descended into the village and was greeted by this site, I had an interesting ‘out of body’ experience, thinking that I was returning from Crusade. It was probably the most appealing building I saw on the entire route.

I had my lunch at the Mitre Inn in Sandford Orcas, leaving to make my way to Sherborne, where I had booked accommodation for the evening. This photograph is fairly deceptive because it looks like you are going to follow the right of the fence to enter a deeply wooded area ahead, (which you do for a short while); but almost immediately you find yourself on a golf course.