Three pictures indicating the approach to Bruton, home to the school days of Douglas Macmillan, our founder. Macmillan attended Sexey’s School, to the south west of the town. In the first picture you can see the Macmillan Way keeping to the right of the hedgerow. In the second, you have to traverse this field and descend down to the centre of the photograph. The third is a wooden bridge over the River Brue that rises eventually to the long High Street. (Where I had my lunch)

The Packhorse Bridge, Bruton. For some reason, (possibly the cider I had with my lunch), I found the route out of Bruton, difficult. If you find the same, just walk down the High Street, in a westerly direction, and the Macmillan Way resumes almost discretely. Find the garage, and ascend a dinky path, called Trendle Lane, out of the town.

Couldn’t locate accommodation in Castle Cary itself, so made a booking at Clanville Manor in the village of Clanville, about three miles away. This was a lovely, working Farm with the bed and breakfast run by the charming Mrs Sally Snook. Recommended, but you will have a few extra miles to fill, in the morning when you set off for Castle Cary.




Three views of Castle Cary: The Market Hall, the ‘Pepperpot’ lock-up, and a view over the shoulder when leaving.