Found this section, the ‘Old Approach Drive’ on the way to the appositely titled ‘Walk Farm’, amusing and surreal. As you can see, it looks for all intent and purpose like an old, grass covered road, leading somewhere. But it doesn’t! Neither does Witham House mansion, its intended destination.

This is the last open section that you will see for some time because up ahead is the massive King’s Wood Warren. You can see its jagged outline in the sky. I only took one photograph when just inside the wood. The field on the right contained lambs born the previous hour and the air was awash with the echoes of bleating. To the right, unseen in this picture, was a field full of muppet-like Llamas.

Entering King’s Wood Warren

Met a Scottish couple on this straight, (3 mile), section that leads to Redlynch. Like an arrow, the old coachroad, reputedly used by cattle drovers taking their livestock to the London markets, cuts through the countryside with absolute precision.

The charming, quaint Redlynch church, taken from a stile on the opposite side of the road.