And here it is, the pretty green at Lullington. Note the beautiful blossom on the churchyard tree. I was pleased that I had decided to walk at this time of the year, and was so fortunate to have temperate blue skies for almost the entire trip.

Three views of pastoral England in Springtime, all directly on route. The first, shortly after leaving Buckland Dinham; the second, with that Ďoh-so-typicalí Macmillan Way wiggling indent on the countryside, about a mile further on. And the third, a pool passed outside Great Elm.

Three more. All the above six photographs were taken within a 3 1/2 mile stretch. Bottom, middle, is yours truly with the camera precariously perched on a wooden fence post. Donít worry, the planner was lying at the bottom of the post! This is the back view of the Sun Inn at Whatley - somewhat more attractive than the front.


A mile further on and you are on the rich, verdant Nunney Combe Brook banks - another very special part of the Macmillan Way, and a steeping stone into the highly entertaining and delightful village of Nunney.