Farleigh College, passed on the right as you wend your merry way, and then a little further on, the ruined mill at Tellisford. Count how many ‘DO NOT ENTER’ and ‘DANGER’ signs you encounter.

Typical scene in this part of the country. This was taken just before Dairy House Farm..where confusion set in!

Rode. Nothing much happened here. Rode in, rode out.

According to the signs at Dairy House Farm, the Highland Cattle were nervous. Because of this, the footpath had been altered. And it had. Found myself veering to the left when my instinct told me I should be descending to the right. Prickled and stung, I emerged from a small fir copse to gaze down upon the Frome Valley

Find yourself emerging to this and you’re OK. Keep to the left of the hedge and you will eventually come out at the metal footbridge that crosses the river, and then a slight ascent to Lullington.