Approaching Cheery Orchard Farm (left), and the farmhouse (right). Was getting tired, but the end of day nine was only two miles ahead. Little did I know it at the time, but my stay in Bradford-on-Avon was to be an eventful one. I went to a cash machine in order to draw out £200 for the final leg of the journey. Later in the evening I went for a drink and was relieved of my wallet. Despite immediate ‘phone calls to my banks upon leaving Bradford-on-Avon in the morning, to cancel the credit cards, my erstwhile thieves had managed to avail themselves of a slap-up meal, drinks, and several items of fashionable clothing. No reflection on West Country towns, but a warning to Macmillan Way travellers!


An early morning jogger bids me farewell as I leave Bradford-on-Avon. On the right, the massive Tithe Barn on the outskirts of the town.

Ilford Manor bridge, featuring a ‘truncated’ Britannia. As you wander past the various manorial and domestic buildings, you cannot help but be aware of the surveillance equipment mounted high on walls, apparently following your every step...!


This is the approach to the castle at Farleigh Hungerford - an impressive pile. I wished to visit this 14th Century relic, but it was alive with Japanese tourists, the majority of whom delighted in asking me to take their photographs. As it transpired, I decided to press on.