And why did Mr Titchmarsh decide upon that for his welcoming glance at the Macmillan Way? Well, possibly because of this next image. The ground-breaking and satisfying sight just beyond Saltbox Farm, where 200 miles, and the back of the Macmillan way are broken. From here it’s a sprint to the finish! (Possibly not)

Actually, if you do manage to get this far and see this pool, you have gone too far and need to retrace your steps. I chose it because I was looking for the 200-mile delineation point with a feeling for beauty. Elsewhere wasn’t grim, but not as pretty as this, and it needed to be, as near as damn it, exactly on the mark.

Looking back towards Henley Farm after the wicked traversing of both the A4 and the A365 in one fell swoop. (whatever that means)

Here we are, slightly further on, before and after South Wraxall. The left image is so typical of what you will encounter on the Macmillan Way - fields and hedgerows curving into infinitum. The right picture restores your faith in H.N. - the most interesting of archways - definitely made for the M.W. Traveller, found in a field in the middle of nowhere. (I hugged the three ancient trees encountered just before you get to this point - you do the same, it felt really good and I’m as far away from being ‘trendy hippy’ as the horizon)