Not only is Castle Combe itself an idyllic, history-imbibed setting, but the road and consequent track out of this beautiful village, also alluring. There is a gradual ascent from this river, By Brook, and then a terrific jaunt through deciduous woodland festooned with a wide variety of flora, until the descent into yet another pretty village, with the decidedly unappealing name, Slaughterford, seen below.

By Brook remains in sight and is an integral part of the Macmillan Way for over ten miles, a large proportion hooded and canopied in trees. And then, a close-hedged path suddenly veers to the right, et voila! You see this little gem.


Not much to look at in the global scheme of things, I agree. But for the many folk who have pored over ‘The Guide’ for months and months, this truly is a revelation - the front cover of the bible itself! Yes, a little more overgrown, foreground greenery a tad more verdant. And no bobble-hatted fellow striding to meet you. But it is, indeed, the front cover photograph, and for that gift alone, warmth and gratitude fold around you like a smug envelope.