and debated whether I should return to see the challenge addressed properly! Actually, I did go into the church when I saw the warden making his early rounds and it was he that took the picture of me, below…

The photo of the feet was supposed to be my “One small step for man.” image. It’s funny, but on the entire walk there were only a handful of occasions when I could have asked for someone else to take a record of my travels – as it happened, this only occurred on two instances – this morning outside St Botolph’s, and thirteen days later as I approached the outskirts of Abbotsbury.

As I was walking alone, many people suggested that I would be lonely on my venture. In reality, the opposite was true, my eyes became my true companions and I was deeply satisfied with observing all that was going on around me. At no point did I feel forlorn or possess a wish for company. When companionship happened, I was at ease, when they moved on I was equally content. It’s simply one of those things.

It would be proper at this point to mention navigation. In my preparation I had produced 47 small maps, taken from the Ordnance Survey that fitted snugly in my map holder. Upon each one I had meticulously plotted a red line to indicate the route. They had been rendered waterproof and I thought looked very professional. I also took with me Peter Titchmarsh’s ‘Macmillan Way Guide.' The maps I referred to on several occasions, mainly out of curiosity, the guide was in my hands continuously. Take my word for it, you can walk the Macmillan Way with the guide alone, it is that good. I have used many guides in my time, but Mr Titchmarsh’s ‘takes the biscuit.' It is so comprehensive and totally indispensable. Think on this: you are walking probably the second longest footpath in England; you arrive having crossed a style, in a field in the middle of nowhere, the guide says ‘look at the stump of the hawthorn to your right’, you look to your right…and there’s a stump! It tells you to head for the third oak tree on the horizon on so many occasions…but it is absolutely correct on every count.