This waymark was pointing to my bed, just beyond Westonbirt Arboretum. Annoyingly, this was the second time that the camera appeared to have a mind of its own and decide not to store images. Imagine if you will, then, the 13,000 trees that I failed to capture!


Fresh and full of vim, we’re back on the track. Walking down Wood Lane in search of Sherston. The right image provides an insight into how fortunate I had been with the weather - this was taken at about 7.45 a.m. The image on the right is the view you will receive when you get to the outskirts of this pleasant conurbation.

And this is one of those rare pictures of yours truly, walking into Sherston. The articulate viewer will see that I have placed the camera in a cunning fashion, on the stone wall, and then swiftly ran back to pretend it was an ‘action shot’. My 25 Lt sack is well concealed...but...oh, no! The giveaway that I am walking the Macmillan - what is that that I am clutching in my right hand? Could it be The Guide?

My cover blown, I wander the banks of the infant Avon, leaving Sherston behind, passing through one of the most beautiful parts of the the Macmillan Way, heading for Luckington.