Three more pictures on the southbound route. On the left, one of the most typical views you will get of the Macmillan Way, on the path out of Tarlton. The middle photograph is Hazleton Manor, taken from the by now, chalky white footpath. The right image provides an idea of the scale of the Macmillan Way as it ‘thunders’ through a recently planted copse.

I was most taken by the sign on this residential house, in Cherington. It read: TELEPHONE: TELEGRAMS MAY BE TELEGRAPHED: harking back to a previous era. Check it out, it’s above No.25.
On the right is the centre of Cherington village

Rural tranquility on the steep road out of Cherington. This was a most pleasing time to walk - all of nature was stirring from the depths of winter and I couldn’t help but feel a part of the Grand Scheme.

Avening, peered at over a fence

And the ever-present friendly waymark sign on Chavenage Lane