Spent the evening at Maugersby and awoke, refreshed, to see my first Llamas, here in a field just beyond Stow-on-the-Wold.
The llamas that I saw here and elsewhere, later on, reminded me of ‘muppets’ from the puppet show, with their big, furry faces and amusing eyebrows.

Having recently crossed the Fosse Way, in the left picture, (pertinent to me, living as I do in Fosse Close), we eventually merge at Hyde Mill, on the right. This is a very pretty location, the Macmillan Way crossing the bridge to the right and then trundling across many small fields, several grazing patches, before eventually emerging at the delicately titled: Lower Slaughter.

And what a ‘dreamy’ place this is, completely in contrast to it’s violent sobriquet. I arrived here at about 8.45 a.m. on the morning of the London Marathon. Absorbed by my Walkman’s description of the race, I turned right over the cute little stone bridge, and went up past those buildings that you can see in the picture. WRONG!! You should continue straight ahead at this juncture, up a little winding road.

Cold Aston, with the massive Sycamore tree on the village green. (Guide, page 68. Para ‘B’, line 6) And the village church, bedecked with the customary daffs.