Back on the right path at the start of Ditchedge Lane, followed by a view to the right when you have just passed Round Hill. Boy was this a long haul over ancient treads - over two miles of sincerely thinking you were walking in the footsteps of your ancestors. Eventually you arrive at ‘Traitor’s Ford’ - more romantic in name than in appearance. It is now a concreted-over ford. Found Jenny having her lunch at this spot and felt acutely embarrassed. Without my detour I would have been long gone!

The image on the left was taken looking back towards Roman Row, just outside of Whichford. The ascent is quite steep into Whichford Wood, but once there, following your instincts, and keeping the left-hand edge clearly in sight, you shouldn’t go too wrong, despite the warning on page 61 of the guide. Eventually, you descend into Long Compton. I Was with Jenny once again at this point , and try as we may, we just couldn’t find a place to placate our thirst!

And here is Jenny, with Swifty scouting ahead, after leaving Long Compton, before encountering the converted barn. This was an interesting leg, traversing the high ground, with glorious views to either side. We crossed the busy A44 before descending towards Chastleton House.

It was while walking this section that a rather officious farmer drove by and requested Swifty be kept on a lead. Jenny had been absolutely meticulous with her dog, ensuring there was no contact at all with domesticated animals. I felt acutely embarrassed and sorry for my companion.