Two views, both on the Macmillan Way, a few miles apart. The first is at Edge Hill, on one of the many ‘Jacob’s Ladders’ that this country entertains. The right image is looking backwards on the route to Alkerton, emphasising the equestrian topography. BE WARNED! Mr Titchmarsh takes you upon a merry dance at Edge Hill, roller coasting between the ‘high roads’ and the ‘low roads’. You will take his name in vain on several occasions!

Alkerton Church tower seen on the horizon. Horse jumps in the foreground.

The picturesque village of Shenington. Thatch is predominantly becoming the order of the day in these Cotswolds villages.

And here, my friends, in Epwell, I got seriously lost! The church that you can see is dinky. I reckon the tower is no bigger than an average domestic dwelling. The Macmillan Way bears round to the right, following the road. Within moments I was crossing what I thought to be the village communal field, only to find myself hopelessly lost! My search for a ‘radio mast’ proved fruitless, ending in a five-mile detour and an hour and a half of unwarranted time. Boy, am I glad that you weren't there to hear me cursing myself!