The village of Flore, which I found a rather ramshackle place, dominated by the fiendishly busy A45 and A 5 intersection. And on the right...the 100 mile view!, looking towards Church Stowe

When I got to Glebe Farm, slightly beyond Farthinstone, I thought that I would record everything that I took with me on the walk. I took this picture, standing in a pair of socks, (my boots were outside, as always), and a vest, (base 1 North Face). Everything you see here was used in some shape or form over the two weeks. Most of it is self-evident, but, from the top:
Sack (25lt), down left, the bladder - absolutely essential. Across; first aid kit (mainly plasters), and then the red neckerchief over the fleece. Down right to batteries, head torch, ‘emergency supplies’ of muesli bars. Emergency addresses and ‘phone numbers, pen, compass, plastic bags and hat. Next to the hat are a pair of waterproofs that double as trousers, folding into their back pocket. Didn’t use these at all. Map case, with maps, Isostar tablets (invaluable!), disperin for the end of the day; tiger balm (don’t laugh - proved to be v. useful); wallet and waterproof. Next layer - toothpaste, brush, shaving OIL, Vaseline (coat your feet thoroughly BEFORE setting out). ‘Phone, watch, MW stickers, more plasters, spare socks, half fleece (not used), portable radio. Spare top, spare undies. Gaiters (not used) I suppose that the main thing is that when you get to your destination, you wash the day’s socks and base layer and hope that they’re dry by the time that you set off in the morning, otherwise you have to hang them out over your sack in a most undignified manner!
And that’s about it. Anything else is a luxury that would weigh you down. Keep to the bare necessities and you can’t go wrong. Other odds and bods I have left to your fertile imaginations!