This is on the approach to Creaton. The topography was now becoming more of a challenge - not as severe as the Edge Hill jaunt, yet to come, but taxing enough. Donít be deceived by the apparent undulation - there are several quite steep hills in this area if you are loaded down with kit

This is the village green at Holdenbury - very picturesque with its distinctive manorial architecture and colouring. It is here that I first lost my bearings, too. Be careful on this part once you have left Holdenby church. You descend, with an unusual mound to your right, but you have to follow the instructions clearly if you are to reach the A428 in the specified manner. A lack of way-marks doesnít help matters, but if you follow your instincts, as you are challenged to do on several parts of this walk, you will succeed.

After quite a deceptive, laborious climb, past the walls of Lady Dianaís Althorp Park, on the left, you eventually surface here, at Great Brington. (If you want to know more about the nefarious goings on concerning Lady Diís burial, speak to Rob Willoughby at Maidwell - he has all of the gossip) Just beyond this church you dip down onto the main street where you must encounter one of the smallest post offices in the Kingdom. Right next to it is the Fox and Hounds Inn - I totally recommend their offal dishes - they were sublime!

I donít know how this one crept in! Maybe it was withdrawal symptoms, not having seen the marker for several weeks? Anyway, I think that I prefer the green to the blue, or the black, or the bleached yellow that inhabits Dorset. This was taken just before Vicarage Farm.