Hmm, there appears to be something in the way!
Yep, the first detour that I had to make from that stipulated in the guide. Look how much water there is in the foreground - this was messy but made even less attractive by having to walk down the busy A508 for quite some way before I could rejoin the route.

Ahh, thatís much better, the second of today's two tunnels, this one being open. Itís quite long too - I guess about half a mile, meaning that I actually got to use the head torch that I had brought with me

Dark too!

And on to my destination, The Stagís Headí at Maidwell. This was to be my most expensive stop-over, nearly twice as much as anywhere else on the route. There was simply nowhere else to stay. But, having said that, Rob Willoughby, the landlord was an exceptionally good host. I had a fine meal, drank copiously, and fell soundly asleep.


Itís hard to believe, but when I was having my breakfast, looking out of the biggest window in the above picture, it was actually snowing! This wasnít a problem, I was prepared for most things, but I couldnít help but wonder at the vagaries of the British climate. Seven days later, I was in Somerset and suffering from the effects of sunstroke! Little wonder we appear obsessive!

A little further on, just before Blueberry Lodge, the sky changed, I took off the waterproof and remained trucking in Ďbase oneí clothing...