Hallaton market cross or a rocket silo?
The plaque on the right, just outside of Hallaton, I reached at about 8.45 a.m. and already somebody had been and placed the beautiful glass vase of miniature yellow daffodils, beneath it. It was a sober reminder to me of our mortality. The plaque reads:
In Loving Memory of Anthony James Hough
24 July 1971 - 09 April 2002. I had arrived on April 9th, 2003. I later discovered that Anthony had died, from a heart attack, following the previous year’s bottle-kicking festivities.

Probably the biggest example of litter disposal that I saw on the entire route. This was on the path just left of Slawston Hill

The River Welland, 50 miles upstream from its first encounter, (replete with sheep!), and the stark finger of Brampton Ash spire, indicating 9. A.m. (if only I could have made such progress!) Actually, I took quite a few more photographs on the Weston By Welland to Braybooke leg than actually were logged by my camera, which was disappointing. But what disappointed me more was the sight that greeted me at Great Oxendon tunnel. Before you turn this page, look at the guide on page 42 and see if you can spot the difference?