Richard Peach at the Old Rectory, served me a magnificent breakfast and I slipped out quite early, looking to make Maidwell by the late afternoon. The weather was sublime - not too anything, and the only sound available came from sheep, hundreds of them.

In fact, having mentioned the bovine collection previously, I have to state that sheep, particularly lambs and ewes, were by far the greatest number of living creatures that I encountered on the romp. Remember, I was out at the start of April, about the same time as lots of little fluffy things. This was taken outside of belton, just before the A47 crossing.

Allexton Hall is hiding somewhere behind those trees, on the left picture, but what appealed to me was the extent of the footpath that could be seen in the right photograph. Unfortunately, because of the number of images on this site, I had to reduce the canvas size of each picture, this is also the reason why you cannot click on them to receive greater detail. The Macmillan way follows the hedge, just in view, to the left. You can then make out how it ‘doglegs' across the third field, aiming roughly for what looks like a farmhouse in the middle distance (Fearn Farm). You may then be able to make out a smudge faintly pointing to eleven ‘o clock - this is still the Macmillan Way. And the bundle of houses at the horizon on the far left, is Hallaton. I reckon that at this point you can see nearly three miles of actual footpath.

In Hallaton there were several of these signs announcing the ‘bottle-kicking’ competition that was to take place on April 21st (When I hoped to be in Abbotsbury) If you want to learn more about the kicking of bottles, please see the guide, page 37)