Now don’t get me wrong, (well, on second thoughts, do, actually), but I have lived in this fair idyllic setting for over eleven years, now, and I do truly love the town, blessed with its ancient mystery and twinkling spires. Yet I do think that a question of priorities needs investigating. Stamford is possibly the largest town that you will pass through. You would think that the local council would make it a little more welcoming than this. It seems most of the money goes into placating and appeasing the ‘bussed in’ migrant.. I confess that I was a little more than ashamed when I considered the Macmillan Way’s first time tourist to the environs.

Ahh, now that’s more like it. This is the view you shall get when leaving Stamford, having crossed ‘The Meadows’ It was now about ten ‘o clock and the mist had lifted and I was about to encounter my first real obstacle...

Broadeng Bridge. Without this transverse of the River Welland you would have to make a mighty detour. This new structure had only the day before replaced an archaic, wooden covering. The sign read ‘NO ENTRY’, but hey! We're Macmillan Way wanderers, and by the time you reach Abbotsbury you may have found recourse in breaking the rules, (ever so slightly), on a few necessary occasions.

And so Stamford’s boundaries are left, under the thundering A1 bridge. (Let me know if the mural still exists on the far right of the tunnel)